What Is The Best Gaming Headset?

The gaming field has become very vast, and players even play games as a professional career. They need to use the type of headset to hear other team members loudly. And clear and also to protect themselves from their competitors and enemies. And that’s why one of the major queries from their side is, what is the best gaming headset? Choosing the best one is not very simple. But once you choose it, it can increase your winning chances in every race or level. 

The Best Guide To Know: What Is The Best Gaming Headset?

The following are the major factors to consider while looking for what is the best gaming headset. 


The first factor is checking the connectivity of the headset you want to buy with the specific game you play. Because some headsets are designed for specific games, PCs and consoles. You should select the one which is compatible with your headsets.

Wired Or Wireless Headset:

The second factor in what is the best gaming headset is choosing between wired or wireless headsets. The sound quality of wired headsets is great and higher, and there is a solid connection. But you may need help with moving here and there. While on the other hand, wireless headsets are easy to connect. You don’t have to be bound at a spot and can move freely. But if you have used headsets before. Then, choosing between wired or wireless headsets depends on your preferences, ease and comfort. 

Audio And Mike Quality:

The third factor in what is the best gaming headset is checking the audio and mike quality of the headsets. Make sure to check the audio quality by testing it. It is important to know that it provides a high-quality audio experience. The same goes for the mike quality. When you want to play games that require discussing the situation and tackling it carefully, you need microphones. If the headset can block unwanted noises around you, then you should buy it.

Extra Features And Customizable:

The fifth factor has additional features in the headset, and you can modify them, too. Fixing a budget ensures you can afford a specific gaming headset.

Choosing Between Open And Closed Back Headsets:

The sixth factor is choosing between an open-back and closed-back headset. You can get comfortable wearing the headset with the open-back headsets, but you’ll hear the noises from your surroundings. On the other hand, closed-back headsets are a better option. If you want a proper blockage of noise from the outer world and immerse yourself into your gaming world.

Reviews And Ratings:

The seventh factor is checking the reviews and ratings of the headsets you want to purchase. Understanding the headset's features also helps you choose the right option. 

How To Connect Bluetooth Headphones To Xbox One?

It is important to know that Xbox One consoles do not support Bluetooth sound systems naturally. But there are other ways to connect your bluetooth headphones to Xbox One. There are two main options to connect them. Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows or through the Xbox app on your Windows PC. Follow the given procedure. 

First Procedure:

The following are the main steps to complete the connectivity procedure.

  • If you want to connect your Bluetooth headsets to Xbox One. Buy the Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows, in case you don’t have it. 
  • Then, connect it with the available USB port on the Xbox One. 
  • Now, by following the producer's instructions, change your Bluetooth headphones into the synchronising mode. 
  • On the Xbox One, visit Settings, then Devices & streaming and lastly, Accessories. Then select Add Accessories. 
  • The Xbox One will give you different options showcasing your Bluetooth headphones, too. Select your device, complete the connectivity procedure, and enjoy playing your game without disturbance.

Second Procedure:

The following are the five main steps to follow the procedure. 

  • Firstly, install the Xbox App on a Windows PC. 
  • Make sure to complete the signup procedure, too. 
  • Following the producer’s instructions, you should connect your Bluetooth Headphones with the Windows PC. 
  • There is a connection icon in the Xbox app. Click it and select your device from the given options. 
  • Then, choose stream to connect both of the devices. Now, the connectivity procedure has been completed. 


To conclude, what is the best gaming headset? It is important to consider various factors carefully and choose the given options. Then, we talked about connecting the Bluetooth headsets with Xbox One. You can try various procedures to connect it effectively and enjoy your game in a disturbance-free environment. The best way to enjoy your game is to Buy headphones online and become more professional in your gaming abilities.