Difference Between Portable Speaker And Bluetooth Speaker?

Choosing the right type of speaker can make your life cozy and luxurious. There are different types of speakers that people use nowadays. Two important types of speakers that are gaining popularity are portable and Bluetooth speakers. Users want to choose the right option for themselves. 

Users should know the main difference between portable speaker and Bluetooth speaker. By knowing these differences, users can choose the right type of speaker for themselves and enjoy using their speakers.

Important Difference Between Portable Speaker And Bluetooth Speaker

You should know the purposes of portable and Bluetooth speakers to understand the difference between portable speaker and Bluetooth speaker.

  • A portable speaker is used to provide mobility options to its users. 
  • Because it is a small-sized speaker that is not very heavy. You can easily hold it and place it anywhere to get good sound. 
  • Their size level varies due to the requirements of the users. 
  • They provide clear and good-quality sound. 
  • They are a good choice if you want longevity features in your speakers. 
  • You also have the choice of wired and wireless connectivity with different sources. 
  • They provide long-time battery support. 
  • They also offer rechargeable battery options through which charging portable speakers becomes a very easy task for users. 

On the contrary, understanding the purpose of Bluetooth speakers is also very important. 

  • You can simply connect Bluetooth speakers by connecting different devices with your Bluetooth system. 
  • You don’t have to use external wires to get a proper connection, making them the best option for users.
  • AC outlets are used for charging battery-powered batteries of Bluetooth speakers. 
  • Connecting different devices at the same time makes Bluetooth speakers a user-friendly option for users.
  • There are different designs and sizes available in Bluetooth speakers that provide the best quality sounding system. 

4 Enormous Differences You Should Consider

The following are the important difference between portable speaker and Bluetooth speaker. 

Options For Connection

The first main difference between portable speaker and Bluetooth speaker is the options for connection. Portable speakers can use both wired and wireless sources to connect with different devices. The presence of both of these options in portable speakers makes these speakers an advanced way. To enjoy personal and professional things. 

But on the other hand, you don’t need to attach wires and cables to connect your devices with Bluetooth speakers. Sometimes, when you’re traveling, you don’t have different types of accessories available. That’s where Bluetooth speakers prove useful and connect to multiple devices without the need for wires and cables.


The second difference is that you can take your portable speakers anywhere, giving you wide options while traveling. They don’t have to feel bored in different places and can enjoy using their portable speakers easily. Because portable speakers are lightweight devices and their size is also small. 

In contrast, Bluetooth speakers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can efficiently move the lightweight speakers with yourself. But for big-size speakers, mobility feature becomes quite difficult. 

Sources For Charging

The third difference is that you can keep your portable speakers charged with the help of inbuilt rechargeable batteries. Through this, you can take your portable speaker anywhere without worrying about the life of your speaker’s battery. On the other hand, Bluetooth speakers are charged with different options, whether battery-powered or AC-powered. So that if you don’t have one option available, you can charge your speakers through another option.

Quality Of The Sound

The fourth difference is between the quality of the sound produced through portable and Bluetooth speakers. The main focus of portable speakers is making sure that a person can keep his speakers beside him anywhere. Ignoring the high-quality sound of the speakers. Still, enhanced-level portable speakers provide the best quality sounds. But Bluetooth speakers prefer the quality of the sound of the speakers. They can connect to various audio profiles and devices through which the quality of the sound intensifies. 


To conclude the difference between portable speaker and Bluetooth speaker, you should first understand the purpose of both speakers. Through this, understanding the features and specs of both types of speakers becomes easy. If you’re a person who travels a lot and wants something enjoyable to accompany you. The portable speakers can prove beneficial for you. 

But if you like to hear music from different sources or do something professionally. For which, you require a good sound system by connecting your speakers to various devices at a time. Then Bluetooth speakers are the right choice for you.